This website presents a very brief preview of a Jungian contribution to ecopsychology that integrates deep ecology and depth psychology through psyche. The territory is explored with maps - Plato's anima mundi, Lovelock's Gaia theory and Jung's psychodynamics - to explain why we are confronted globally by a collective crisis. This approach challenges both our faith in progress and what Jung called our "monotheism of consciousness". A book presenting this analysis for an intelligent but non-specialist audience is in preparation for publication.


This website was created by Andrew Fellows PhD. It was first published in 2006 from Kyoto, Japan, and then completely revised and re-published from Zürich, Switzerland in 2008. It was re-named in 2009, and last updated on 21 December 2014. is carbon-neutral hosted in the UK by nativespace. Flights are avoided if possible; if not, emissions are offset through the Swiss non-profit myclimate foundation using projects guided by Gold Standard sustainability criteria.


For an introduction to the subject matter under the above six headings, please use the link or enter through the garden above. From anywhere in the site just head for the hills to return to this home page, or click beside them on"Philemonis Sacrum" (Philemon's Shrine) or "Fausti Pœnitentia" (Faust's Repentance) to return to the introduction.

Please note that some links have been disabled, and some content removed pending publication of the book.

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